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Bone Inlay Buffet, Bone Inlay Sideboard, Bone Inlay Closet - Crafted Ocean

Bone Inlay Buffet, Bone Inlay Sideboard, Bone Inlay Closet

$2,599.00 $1,599.00
Bone, Resin, Colour, Hammered brass sheet legs, MDF, Solid woodDimensionsHeight: 32 Inches; Width: 68 Inches; Depth: 18 InchesDescriptionHandcrafted bone inlay buffet with cascade flowy patterns on it. This piece is...
Compressed wood side board with exclusive bone work - Crafted Ocean

Compressed wood side board with exclusive Bone Inlay work

$2,199.00 $1,599.00
Compressed wood side board with exclusive bone work/Artistic side board/Hand made hand carved elegant side board/bone work console table. This exclusive artistic side board is made in Jodhpur famous for...

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The state of Rajasthan in India is famous for Bone Inlay furniture, which is made using an intricate process that requires immense skill and practice. The skill is passed down from generation to generation within a family. The Quick Ship Stocked Collection Quinn Bone Inlay Sideboard is available for order in USA. Get a bone inlay sideboard from Crafted Ocean for a piece of furniture that combines utility and style. Find a wide variety of manufacturers offering various models at a range of reasonable prices.

Furniture stores and home designers alike will find a use for these bone-inlay sideboards. Unique and one of a kind, this small, bone-inlay Indian Modern Handmade Bone Inlay Sideboard is inlaid with fragments of mirrored glass. Each plexiglass chip is hand-cut with special glass-cutting scissors and laid out by skilled craftsmen in these Rangoli patterns. The effect as you walk past this chest is to see a shimmer of repeating reflections. Pricing for individual units and bulk orders is available to suit your needs. Colors can often be customized as well, allowing you to fit the product to your style.